Twitter Will Release It’s Real-time Analytics Solution

Last September 21, 2010 at the Sports Marketing 2.0 Summit, a member of twitter’s business development team Ross Hoffman has revealed that Twitter plans to launch the dashboard in the last quarter of 2010.

According to Hoffman, Twitter is planning to release a real time analytics dashboard in Q4. Like their releases of ads and the new UI, this will likely start as a beta release and have a phased roll out. The product will leverage algorithms similar to the Twitter Resonance concept in order to show users which tweets are spreading, who is influential in their network, and more. The emphasis is on real time in order to help users make adjustments on the fly to their tactics. He added that the said product will be free and it is being created by the one who works behind Trendly, which Twitter had acquired in June.

It is good news for marketers that Twitter’s team are trying to improve marketing efforts but it appears that Twitter’s focus is on providing data about stream activity, as compared to account health, such as the metrics from Klout, Twitalyzer, and others.

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