Pixie Hollow Secret Codes, Hint, Tricks And Game Tips

Do you love Tinker Bell? Do you want to meet her and see whats inside in pixie hollow world? Then create your own fairy now and go fly with tinker bell and her fairy friends in Pixie Hollow World.

Secret Codes

How to Use secret Codes in Pixie Hollow World Game?
Secret Codes are use to get dress, skirt, necklace, house stuff and other accessories for free. Yes, its all free if you know some secret codes and claim it from Secret Codes/Pixie Passes. To use secret codes for the Pixie Hollow game, go to the Secret Codes page and enter your code.

Secret codes for the Pixie Hollow game are available on select Disney Fairies products and unlock special gifts in the Pixie Hollow online world. Sometimes secret codes can be used for more than one account.

Here are some latest secrets codes in pixie hollow world. To claim gift from these codes, go to Secret Codes/Pixie Passes and enter the codes you want to try. And to know whats you’ve got, go back to the pixie hollow world and check your fairy wardrobe and storage section.

Codes for Rose Cami Daffodil Yellow
– 165488
– 259179
– 293015
– 303228
– 362016
– 406060
– 624149
Codes for the Sparkle Poppy Skirt Daffodil Yellow
– 130408
– 161373
– 259965
– 382593
– 409826
– 530413
– 547694
– 633877
– 716585
– 747906
– 767130
– 872638
– 923954
– 947774
Codes for the Stargazer Pendant Watermelon Pink
– 118337
– 207251
– 412725
– 495692
– 572031
– 585047
– 679335
– 947873
– 947954

Codes for Shoes
– 362016 (formerly awarded the Ivy Ankle Boots Bluebell Blue)
– 259965 (formerly awarded the Spider Silk Soft Clogs Lavendar Purple)

Codes for Bracelets
– 572031 (formerly awarded the Fressia Flower Wrist Flounce)

Codes for Anklets
– 767130 (formerly awarded the Freesia Flower Ankle Flounce)
– 130408 (formerly awarded the Violet Petal Anklet)

Codes for Necklaces
– 106510 (formerly awarded the Leaf-and-Bloom Necklace)
– 624149 (formerly awarded the Pearly Puff Necklace)
– 303228 (formerly awarded the Star Bright Necklace)

Codes for Headpieces
– 406060 (formerly awarded the Acorn Tiara)
– 293015 (formerly awarded the Satin Flower Garland)
– 165488 (formerly awarded the Sunrise Hairband)

Codes for the Leaf-and-Bloom Necklace
– 106510

Codes for the Primrose Pink Freesia Flower Wrist Flounce
– fashion

Codes for the Custard Yellow Firefly Cuff
– style

Codes for the Rosetta Red Snappy Racing Helmet
– derby

Codes for the Rose Cami Daffodil Yellow and Stargazer Pendant Watermelon Pink
– 407501
– 471575
– 514689
– 525350
– 606419
– 799835
– 959015

Codes for the Acorn Kettle Mint Green
– 128288
– 194830
– 317105
– 492967
– 499840
– 690890
– 728808
– 898909
– 902156

Codes for Sashes
– 495692 (formerly awarded the Glowing Gold Sash)
– 118337 (formerly awarded the Jade Sash)
– 585047 (formerly awarded the Opal Sash)
– 947954 (formerly awarded the Rosey Sash)
– 259179 (formerly awarded the Ruffled Myrtle Leaf Belt Raspberry Pink)
– 412725 (formerly awarded the Sapphire Sash)
– 207251 (formerly awarded the Sunny Sash)

Codes for Shirts and Skirts
– 471575 (formerly awarded the Hibiscus Top Daffodil Yellow and the Maple Mini Daffodil Yellow)
– 606419 (formerly awarded the Hibiscus Top Grassblade Green and the Maple Mini Grassblade Green)
– 514689 (formerly awarded the Hibiscus Top Pale Rose Red and the Maple Mini Pale Rose Red)
– 525350 (formerly awarded the Hibiscus Top Pumpkin Orange and the Maple Mini Pumpkin Orange)
– 407501 (formerly awarded the Hibiscus Top Sky Blue and the Maple Mini Sky Blue)
– 959015 (formerly awarded the Tulip Tee Corn Cob Yellow and the Tulip Petal Pushers Corn Cob Yellow)
– 799835 (formerly awarded the Perfect Pearl Top and the Perfect Pearl Skirt)
– 679335 (formerly awarded the Bellflower Petal Top Watermelon Pink)
– 947873 (formerly awarded the Leafy Dahlia Top Watermelon Pink)

Codes for the Cupcake Pink Lucky Fortune Flower
– d23

New: Ingredients and Silly Sweets
Acorn – 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
Clover – 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
Daisy – 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
Flower – 3 Flower Trail Silly Sweets (can only be redeemed once)
Garden – 20 Buttercup Petals (can only be redeemed once)
Ivy f- 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
leaf – 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
Lily – 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
Revelry – 50 Maple Leaves (can only be redeemed once)
Rose for – Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
summer – 55 Raspberries (can only be redeemed once)
tulip – 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
Twig – 5 Lily Petals (can only be redeemed once)
Maple – 50 Maple Leaves (can only be redeemed once)

Pixie Hollow Game Tips

How to level up faster in pixie hollow?

Tips: If you want to earn more diamonds and level up faster, play Bubble Bounce in Dewdrop Vale. I recommend you to play medium for you to easily control the fish not to fall in the stream. Keep on playing….. It is the most easiest way to earn more talent points with a short period of time. It takes me just 4 days to reached level 28. It is the last level. Earning Diamonds is also easy with this trick. As you level up, more diamonds you will earn. The sad thing about pixie hollow world is that, if you finished level 28, you will not earn talent points and diamonds anymore. So try this trick and you will level up faster than your friends. Goodluck!

How to get Script in Fairy Tale Theater
Fairy Tale Theater in pixie hollow is the place where fairies can join in a plays. Stage decorations are changing depending on the special events that were celebrated in pixie hollow. This is also the place where fairies will wait for Lyria for Camp Pixie Dust!
You can find the script in the right corner of your screen. It looks like a leaf (folded), color green. The content of a script is depends on the events and decoration of the stage. You can use it by clicking on the lines you wanna speak.

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