Google+: Google’s Next Social Networking Project

Few months ago, there’s a rumor that Goggle will release “Google Me” a social networking project that will kill “Facebook”, the number one social networking site today. Rumors about the social networking project of Google is real and it’s here but it’s not about “Google Me” anymore but what they have is the Google+, which is something big and super top secret social networking project that Google has been working on for the past year. They call it Google+ because for them, it is not just a social product and it’s an extension of Google itself.

The Google+ exciting features

A quick look at the first pieces of the project

Sharing is a huge part of the web, a part that we think could be a lot simpler. That’s why we’ve been working on adding a few new things to Google: to make connecting with people on the web more like connecting with them in the real world. We hope you like what we’ve cooked up so far. And stay tuned, because there’s more to come.

The Google+ Project:Circles

You share different things with different people. But sharing the right stuff with the right people shouldn’t be a hassle. Circles makes it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself, just like real life.

The Google+ Project:Sparks

Remember when your Grandpa used to cut articles out of the paper and send them to you? That was nice. That’s kind of what Sparks does: looks for videos and articles it thinks you’ll like, so when you’re free, there’s always something to watch, read, and share. Grandpa would approve.

The Google+ Project:Hangout

Bumping into friends while you’re out and about is one of the best parts of going out and about. With Hangouts, the unplanned meet-up comes to the web for the first time. Let buddies know you’re hanging out and see who drops by for a face-to-face-to-face chat. Until we perfect teleportation, it’s the next best thing.

The Google+ Project:Mobile Instant Upload

Taking photos is fun. Sharing photos is fun. Getting photos off your phone and on to the web is pretty much the opposite of fun. That’s why we created Instant Upload: so that from now on, your photos upload themselves. You don’t even have to say ‘cheese’.

The Google+ Project:Huddle

Texting is great, but not when you’re trying get six different people to decide on a movie. Huddle takes care of it by turning all those different conversations into one simple group chat, so everyone gets on the same page long before thumbs get sore.

The concept of “Circles” in the Google+ project is awesome because it really built into everything you do on the network. Your relationships are based on social circles unlike Facebook, all your friends are simply “friends” unless you manually split your friends into lists and decide who sees what, everytime you post something.

Another thing what makes it awesome is that it has a better messaging system (Gmail, Chat, and Talk) and the settings of Circles help you to your privacy settings. You can easily separate the people you want to see and not to see your post. And I love the interface and its design (professional look and user friends).

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    This looks great, can’t wait to try it with my EVO 3D!

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    Excited for this new social network, will definetly take it to the next level.

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