Google Body Is Now Zygote Body : A 3D Human Body Browser

We all know that having basic anatomy knowledge is useful for us especially for medical students. We can now locate our body parts in three dimensional (3D) views with the help of Zygote Body.

Zygote Body, formerly Google Body, is a web application by Zygote Media Group that rendered manipulable 3D anatomical models of the human body. Several layers from muscles tissues down to blood vessels could be made transparent to allow better study of individual body parts. Most of the body parts were labeled and searchable.

It’s like Google Maps for the body! You can fade layers of muscles, nerves, organs and bones, turn to get different angles, bigger and smaller.

The website uses JavaScript and WebGL technology to display 3D images inside the web-browser without requiring the installation of external plug-ins. Take it for a spin and learn about different layers of anatomy by moving the slider or toggling layers on and off with the buttons.

Zygote body is definitely free and available on the web and on Android, and will enable students, teachers, and others using Google Body to continue to have access to a human anatomy browser just go to

Zygote Body was launched as Google Body on December 15, 2010. On April fool’s Day 2011, users were greeted with the anatomy of a cow on the home page. The cow model still available as part of the open-3d-viewer open source project.

As part of the wind down on Google Labs, it was announced that Google Body will be shut down but will continue to be maintained by Zygote as Zygote Body. On October 13, 2011 the Google Body site was shut down. Then on January 9, 2012 Zygote Body was launched and core code base (with the Google Cow model as a demo) was made available as an open source project called Open – 3d viewer. And on April 2012, they officially launched the Zygote Body made from JavaScript and WebGL technology using human body as a demo.


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