Did You Know That Facebook Stores Your Old Password?

Yes, Facebook stores your old Password too. I accidentally enter my old password in the log –in instead the password that I usually used. And what I’ve got is:

The above picture is a print screen of a notice that tells I’ve entered an old password, the time when was the last time I’ve change my password, and asking me to request a new password. When I saw this, I’m worried because I was thingking that : what if other people know my old password , is she/he request a new password for my Facebook account?

Because of my curiosity and eagerness to know more about it, I tried to explore this section and I found out that when you click on the “Request a new password”, it will bring you to a “Reset your Password page” where you can reset your password.

Once you click the reset password button, you will receive email from facebook containing the password reset code which you will enter on the Facebook recovery page.

If you notice in the Reset Your Password page there is a link which indicates that “No longer have access to these”. If you tried to click that link, next page will show which is “How can we reach you” which is asking for another email address.

To explore more, I tried to enter another email address and another page appear which is “Answer your Security Question” and require you to answer the question. If you fail to answer the question you will not retrieve your Facebook account.

I’m glad to explore this section of Facebook because I realized that even if someone knows your old password and email address, they did not access your Facebook Account. This information will help also to avoid hack attack.

Even if they put another email adress in the “No longer have access to these” recovery section, still they do not get the account if they did not answer the Security Question. Security awareness is still important to secure our personal information. You can also download your Facebook profile if you want.

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