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How to add Audio on VSDC video editor

How to add Audio on VSDC video editor

1914 VSDC Video Editor is a video editing program that allows you to create videos from different previous media files. You can make and edit your own videos with different high-quality effects to make them look more professional. The application includes some basic tools for your home videos, which makes Read More >
Pixie Hollow Secret Codes, Hint, Tricks And Game Tips

Pixie Hollow Secret Codes, Hint, Tricks And Game Tips

1898 Do you love Tinker Bell? Do you want to meet her and see whats inside in pixie hollow world? Then create your own fairy now and go fly with tinker bell and her fairy friends in Pixie Hollow World. Secret Codes How to Use secret Codes in Pixie Hollow World Game? Secret Codes are use to get Read More >
Sony Alpha NEX-5R Digital Camera Specifications

Sony Alpha NEX-5R Digital Camera Specifications

1777 Alpha NEX-5R is Sony’s seventh NEX camera and the third in its ’5′ series. The NEX-5R is a subtle upgrade over the existing 5N and it’s finally added a couple of features that make it more attractive to keen photographers. With a new sensor and redesigned autofocus system Read More >
How to Become  A Mobile App Developer? (INFOGRAPHIC)

How to Become A Mobile App Developer? (INFOGRAPHIC)

1749 Everyone these days are enjoying mobile apps. Apps for food,rides,games,maps,musics,etc. In fact, many app developers are making lots of money when people starting downloading their created apps. The average annual salary for employed app developers in 2011 was nearly $90,000. By 2016, the total Read More >
How To Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Cash?

How To Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Cash?

1741 WHO said Instagram photos were worthless? Did you know that you can turn your Instagram photos into some quick cash with a new service called Instaprints. Instaprints is allowing Instagram users to sell “high-quality prints” of photos they’ve taken using the smartphone apps. Instagram photographers Read More >
Microsoft’s logo evolution

Microsoft’s logo evolution

1727 Microsoft launched its 2012 latest Logo. But before that lets see first the Microsoft’s logo history and their slogan. 1. Microsoft First Logo (1975) 2. Microsoft “blibbet” logo 1987 Filed August 26, 1982 at the USPTO and used until 1987. 3. Microsoft “Pac-Man” Read More >
Mini-Surrogate: Communication via Miniature Robots

Mini-Surrogate: Communication via Miniature Robots

1719 Mini-Surrogate is an application of “LOVOTICS” – Love + Robotics. In this project, miniature robots are used as small cute, believable and acceptable surrogates of humans for telecommunication. It providing a better channel for digital communication than other communication devices Read More >
Kissenger: virtual lips for long-distance kissing

Kissenger: virtual lips for long-distance kissing

1708 Finding it hard to keep up the passion in a long-distance relationship? For couples separated by distance, keeping in close touch through their computers, tablets and smart phones is great, except for kissing. Now help may be on the way. A robotics professor in Singapore Dr. Hooman Samani,has invented Read More >
LOVOTICS “Love + Robotics” For Long-Distance Relationship

LOVOTICS “Love + Robotics” For Long-Distance Relationship

1702 We all know that Long-distance relationships are hard. But we are now on a high-tech world where couples separated by distance can easily communicate to each other by using high-tech gadgets like computers, tablets and smartphones. Apps like Skype, e-mail, Facebook chat, and windows messenger are Read More >
Logitech Announces Washable Keyboard – K310

Logitech Announces Washable Keyboard – K310

1696 Computer Keyboard is one of the dirtiest things you touch every day. In a study from a British consumer group in 2009, 33 computer keyboards were randomly sampled and out of these tested four were considered a health hazard. One was even discovered to have more bacteria than your average toilet. Read More >
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